Progess, Slowly

After nearly a year I have finally started working again on stripping the paint and rebuilding the windows and doors. This first picture is how the door looked when we moved in. (The dog added the doggie door in the screen) Last summer I repainted the door, but it has developed some problems over the winter. Apparently there is better stuff to use when filling in large gaps in wood than wood filler. So now I need to dig it all out and use wood putty, then repaint the door :-( But before that little project I thought I'd get the door frame ready to paint at the same time.
My current method is to use a rotary stripper attachment on my drill. It gets most of the paint but misses the inside corners and requires steady hands. I tried to take it slow and easy, one layer of paint at a time (all five!) and made a new discovery.
Locals have told me that the trim was always painted red, but the very bottom layer of paint was brown, almost a burnt umber. So even though we are going with a "Tan Cedar" and "Apple Brown Betty" I feel better that we're not the first to change the color scheme.

Here's what the frame looked like after two hours of stripping.