Ever spackle a door?

Yesterday, I finally put away the gardening tools and did some real work on the house. If you regularly read our blog you may think we only garden. But there really is a large house that needs a lot of attention (and money). I had hoped to repaint most of the windows this summer. Where did summer go? But with winter approaching, I decided to start on the door which was in great need of repair.
I pulled the south side door off it's hinges and laid it out on some sawhorses and removed all the hardware. The bottom of the door had copper flashing nailed every 1/4" but most of the nails were rusted out. The bottom rail was splitting and had several deep cracks as did the bottom of the stiles. I sanded and scraped the paint off - there was so little left I didn't even get out the paint stripper. Then a lot of glue went into the gaping joints and a couple of bar clamps pulled the door back together. Once the glue set, I filled all the cracks with wood filler. It looked more like a spackled wall than a door but now it is sealed up and looks like a solid door.
A coat of oil based primer was left to dry overnight and I'll paint it today after work. Check back tomorrow for the dramatic before/after photos!