I have no patience

For several weeks (months really) I've been wanting to strip the paint off the storm window so that it could be glazed and painted. Since my goal was to work on windows this summer it would be nice to at least get one done before Christmas. Usually I use the generic chemical paint stripper available at Wally World but it just seems to take FOREVER. Part of the problem is the 78+ layers of paint. Stripping the paint off our windows is a lot like peeling an onion. I have collected several Lowe's gift cards and considered getting one of those Silent Paint Removers but discovered that it's only sold directly online and out of our budget. So today I got fed up and pulled out the power tools. For just $5 at Wal-mart I picked up a Paint & Rust Stripper that looks like a wire brush and attaches to a drill but is held together with some kind of webing that prevents rust and splintering. Within minutes I was seeing results. This rotary stripper has a lot of power and can take the edge off of any detail moulding but it also did a good job of not gouging the wood, just the right combination of grit and flexibility. Three hours later I was able to glue the old frame back together. Now I'll still need to sand it down smooth before the primer coat but at least I'm getting somewhere. Who knew that $5 could buy happiness, even if at least temporary.
Note: I wouldn't recommend this method with lead paint and always wear glasses and a mask or respirator. My garage looks like a Martian landscape covered in red dust.