Pathway Project

It's June 1st and the summer projects have begun! First up is making a garden pathway. I really don't like mowing grass so I've been waging a war over the past few years to create more garden areas.
One place we've struggled is the front yard. In the concept of outdoor rooms, the front yard is more like a parlor - everybody sees it but it's not the most comfortable place. It all started with the knot garden, a formal arrangement that brought curves to a linear house style. After that concession, the Mrs conceded that a similar look would compliment the opposite side of the front yard.
So after clearing much of the topsoil and moving some plants, the first summer project has begun. The goal is to install steel edging with pea gravel for the walk. We decided to go with steel rather than brick like the knot garden. One reason is that there just isn't anymore spare bricks laying around and it would be too expensive to purchase enough brick. And another thought was that the type of plants in this area would crowd the edging blocking most of it from view anyways.