Rocky Road: Before and After

Do you invest in pain reliever medicine? This past weekend we literally carried over a ton of pea gravel purchased at Wally World, from the back of the van, around the house, and dumped it onto the path in the Rose Knot Garden. Oh, but it was worth it!
We priced it out and bought in bulk, the Stone Center was the cheapest, but the cost to deliver would be more than the stone itself. And the cost of renting a truck was just as prohibitive. So the cheapest route was to make THREE trips to " The Blue Store" as the kids call it, each time purchasing ten bags of pea gravel.
The tedious part was laying the landscape fabric along the circular sections. After that it was all just back breaking manual labor. I even made a tamping stick by nailing a scrap piece of plywood to an old broom handle! Now all I need is for the roses to fill in. They should do well since this is their second year in this location. As an added bonus, after a year long hiatus, the Gertrude Jekyll rose has revived!