New Old Plumbing Store Discovered

The kids and I went to the Indy Zoo today but on the way made an important stop. It was my first visit to Economy Plumbing Supply but certainly won't be the last. It's one of those great old warehouse type buildings in downtown that even has their own parking lot (no meters to pay, yeah!) There were two doors, one to the showroom and the other for parts, but inside both areas were only seperated by a painted line on the floor. It had the feel of a small family business (free coffee at the door), but large enough to meet my obscure needs. The staff was very helpful and knowledgable and we had very little waiting time. Neither did they snub us for the several contractors with obvious large orders that were hanging around. All this was just to order a new freezeless faucet. It will take about three weeks for our faucet to arrive but they charged me less than the list price and didn't claim I had to buy a whole pallet of them like the big box guys. Economy was recommended by the manufactuer and now I know why. I'll definitly try to get back down there when we have more time to browse.
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