Hole In The Wall

The biggest event of the day was removing the exterior freezeless faucet. When we went to use it for the first time this spring, Elizabeth informed us there was something in the basement. I went to look and there was a spray of water coming out of the wall onto the electric panel - not a good idea.
Apparently the faucet froze and burst this winter (probably when I was building the ice rink at Christmas). The plumbers wanted $150-$200. I thought I would try to repair it on my own. The only problem is our walls are 15" thick due to old timber dimensions and brick work both inside and out. Most hardware stores only carry up to 12" faucets. That and the old one was packed in cement.
I found a manufacturer who's faucet we liked and they notified me of local plumbing suppliers that carried their product.
After some banging around and a few bloody knuckles, I was able to remove the faucet in two pieces and as a bonus about two feet of pipe! But alas, by the time that was done the plumbing supply store was closed. So we now have a 3/4" hole through the side of the house. But now I know the correct length faucet, thread type and connections needed.
Guess this project just got bumped to the top of the list!