I've Got Friends In Low Places

the basement, that is. This evening, local blogger Jerry came by with his continuity tester and helped troubleshoot the defunct dryer. Turns out I was correct, it was only the thermal cut-off and not the heating coil. I've located an online vendor of replacement parts for the stove and dryer so hopefully both appliances will be functional soon.

In other news: I won last month's Hungry Hoosier Photo Contest and received my prize today: a cool coffee mug! Included with the packing slip was this note: "Ben, when you get tired of this, just put it in the basement. A hundred years from now someone will find it and it will give them something to research." I like that. I'll probably be clutching the mug in my skeletal hands, still half full of coffee when they find it :-)

The recent high humidity is making everybody feel sticky but this evening as I ran my hand along the stair banister it felt almost gummy. Yuck! A closer inspection revealed just how cruddy it had become. (Guess that's what happens when you encourage kids to use the railing.) So what store bought chemical is best for cleaning finished wood? I tried Murphy's Oil Soap, and Pledge; both worked fine, but I found the best thing to be a tub of warm water with a couple drops of dish soap. Who would have thought soap and water would clean anything!