Busted Dryer But A Silver Lining

Our electric dryer has stopped heating up. It spins and blows air but there is no heat. I recently found a large wad of lint trapped in the vent pipe and so I'm fearful that the non-resettable thermal fuse is blown, or worse case, the whole heating coil is bad. (Still haven't found a replacement coil for the stove!) After disconnecting the dryer from the breaker box, I opened up the service panel but couldn't see any obvious connection failures.
I just sent out an email plea to local friends asking if anyone has an ohm meter I could borrow. Hopefully I can identify the errant part and order a replacement soon. Meanwhile, I've strung a clothesline across the yard and have taken to hanging our undies up for all to see!
What's the silver linging? While moving the dryer, I "discovered" eleven cents and the screwdriver handle with socket that went missing from my socket set four years ago when we moved in. Not sure how it got there, hmmm.