I Want To Paint It Black

Did a little spray painting in the garden today. No, the Queen of Hearts did not demand that the white roses be red. As part of the new outdoor color scheme, we're accenting the teal with black.
  1. The first photo is a garden chair without the cushion before it was painted.
  2. The second is one of the end pieces to the kid's park bench. The slats will be painted the teal color but they were pretty weathered so they got coated with a linseed/mineral spirit mix first. I took a piece of stout wire and bent it to form a hanger. This way I could spray paint all the sides at once. I had Amy hold a cardboard box to block the over spray from the plants and arbor. She did a great job and I was able to keep from painting her too!
  3. The last picture is of the two garden chairs drying.

The whole project used an entire can of satin exterior spray paint!