I'm Floored

Wow! I've never really discussed our floors before, they're just sort of there. I would guess they are maple but not really sure. They do look like a classic basketball floor, without the school logo and lines. I've often teased about putting the furniture out in the yard and hosting a sock hop.
But that's only in the "public" areas of the house. Upstairs and in the back the boards are wider (about 4") and stained a darker walnut that matches the trimwork. I've always assumed those boards are oak but not really sure. When we first moved in Amy applied a coat of commercial grade clear polish to all the floors and I've since tried paste wax and a car buffer - rough on the knees. The floors really do need a good resurfacing. There is some sagging and gaps in places but overall they've held up well. If and when I ever get around to renting a sander, I've pretty much decided to go with Minwax® Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane for Floors. I've also thought about using our orbital sander but that might take a while. Any other product reviews/recommendations?