Finished Window Pics!

After several months I finally have one window done! Here are the pics to prove it. This is the south side, hard to make out with the shadows; the door is painted but the doorframe is not.

Though not the same window, it's a good example of the "before" condition: paint peeling, glazing missing, upper sash painted shut, etc. This one actually still has the screen on because there isn't a storm for it. I'll have to make one from scratch.Here's the finished window with the storm installed. Everyone needs a good helper on the inside when hanging storm windows. Just ignore the phone line the PO ran along the outside of the house so that they didn't have to go through the plaster on the inside. This is a close up of the window buttons that coordinate the storms and screens with the correct window. I've not found any like it but have a few that are missing.

So what do you think about the color scheme? Should the color placement be reversed? After 90 years of red/maroon it's odd to see a different color. I think it'll work, but I'm prepared to repaint it.