The ninety year long project

I put the first coat of paint on tonight and then after it dried rehung the door. I'm just too worried about dew to leave it out all night. The colors are what we've chosen for the entire exterior scheme. The cedar color matches the fence stain and is the dominant color while the accent "Apple Brown Betty" will grace the storms and screens. Everyone has said that the trim has always been red (maroon). Just one more thing we're changing.
An interesting note: when I removed the interior side hardware, the wood underneath was unfinished. And then while I was sanding it down, my thoughts were confirmed. The inside had never been finished. There is evidence of a fire at one time in the basement (charred sections under crumbling plaster and smoke damaged joists).
I've never been able to date the fire. The son couldn't ever remember a fire so I thought maybe it occurred after 1968. But this door was never finished, and after the smoke blackened the door it was just left the dark, blackish color. So now I believe the fire occurred earlier, perhaps before the house was finished. It may have been one of those "to do" things that was never addressed.
I still need to replace the glass, polyurethane the interior side, put a second coat on the exterior, and replace the hardware - hopefully all before the weekend.