Santa's Workshop On Lockdown

The basement workshop door is not original. In fact, it may be original to our neighbor's house which the previous owners moved to the back of the lot. But with years of basement flooding, the fire, and general carelessness, the stiles have seperated from the rails. I've glued it, clamped it and even nailed extra slats across it to try and hold the door together. Now it's usually not a problem since the door remains open but with little spying eyes the elves try to keep it closed until Christmas and locked while I'm at work.
Then last night the eldest child came down the stairs looking for me. But when he had trouble opening the door because it was wedged into the frame, he tried turning the key. Suddenly I found myself locked inside my own workshop. Of course I sent him to get mom who simply told him he wasn't to be down there.
After several minutes of shouting and banging on the floorboards above I realized that the TV was turned up too loud for anyone to hear me. What to do? I could keep working and see how long it was before they missed me (or eventually my paycheck). No, instead I grabbed a screwdriver and dismantled the lock, then sent all the little elves out for a break. Guess I need to start keeping the key with me.