Happy Easter!

The compost bin is getting full. I spent a couple hours weeding and cleaning up the north knot garden today. The weather has been really pleasant for Spring. Usually a late frost will freeze up the daffodils by now. This batch sits on the kitchen stove, making the whole room smell wonderful. See more pictures of how things are shaping up in the garden after the jump.
The five clumps of Georgia Blue Speedwell (Veronica Georgia Blue) have just about doubled their spread since being planted last year. The tag says they bloom in summer but you can see there are quite a few blooms already.

Evening Primrose starting to fill in, about 2" tall.
Shasta Daisies clumping up to about 4" tall.
Purple Iris is now anywhere from 6-12" tall. I also noticed that they are sending out runners just under the soil. Hopefully they will continue to fill in the area.

Today's Almanac
Temperature: 74 - 40 F
Precipitation: None
Partly Cloudy