Stimulus Plan

We've done our part. Do you feel stimulated? After much angst and "discussion" we decided on using Trex for the decking rather than cheaper pressure treated lumber. The only downside was that the color we wanted wasn't in stock. So our special order decking should arrive next week.
Meanwhile we are all entering and exiting through the south door - much to the dog's delight :) As you can see here, the two platforms are finished and the three step stringers are waiting to go in. I just need to add a box step at ground level.
So while we're waiting for the Trex to arrive, I started cleaning out the flower beds. All the dried black-eyed susan stems and left over leaves got piled by the curb and later the street department guys came by and picked it all up. Already the yard is looking better and now there is a hint of green around the house.