2009 Prototypes

Once again, the AWANA Grand Prix is here and thankfully, the kids have picked out easier projects. For anyone new to the idea of the Grand Prix (also known as a pine wood derby) the goal is to build the fasted or best-looking car. We are required to use the wood, wheels and axels that come with the kit but can modify the body in any way. My kids usually start with a Hot Wheels car to emulate. Some turned out better than others did, and only a couple times was I able to talk them into a unique design.

Here are this year's prototypes:

The girl chose this little green gem from her personal collection. She even picked numbers "00" so it will match. Obviously, I have another tail fin to construct.

The young man selected this sleek road monster. It has a simple shape despite all the added extras. He does not seem as excited about the race this year especially since I am having him do more of the work. The glamor is not worth hours of sanding.

More articles coming soon!

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