Arbor Day

Another major landscaping expense came to fruition today. For several years we've ogled over Godwottery's copper trellises, arbors and lawn ornaments at the Boone County Gardenfest.
A few weeks ago, we bit the bullet and ordered a custom arbor to frame the south door. There are already climbing roses planted there, we just need to train them up and over.

For some reason, the Mrs wanted the copper to look "bright, shiny new." So she employed the kiddos to rub it all down with steel wool. She'd really like it to stay shiny and not tarnish but that isn't happening.

It was also recommended that the posts be buried in concrete but that just seems like a pain when she decides to move it somewhere else. So I just dug four holes about twelve inches deep to set it in place.
If you're interested in purchasing your own lawn ornamentation, contact Loren Myer.