The Big Reveal

I went to get the mail and there it was; the June edition of This Old House magazine. It's arrival is usually something to get excited about but this month's has been especially anticipated. Here's the whole story:
quite a while ago I posted a picture of my favorite putty knife on This Old House. No big deal, just a whim. Compared with monster power tools, who really cares about an old hand tool.
But then I received an email from Denise Sfraga, photo editor at TOH. They saw the putty knife online and wanted to use it in a future magazine. Would I be willing to ship the knife to NEW YORK CITY for a photo shoot? (Not me, just the knife) Well, of course!!!
Then began a string of emails and phone conversations. First a new gal called me (perhaps an intern?) gathering basic information about me and the knife. Then a couple follow up calls from the section editor. And finally the fact checking department weighed in. If nothing else, my knife had a thorough provenance investigation.
One time, I was working outside when the phone rang. The Mrs answered and then yelled out the door, "It's This Old House on the phone!" Both kids went nuts. They thought for sure that Norm was on his way to fix that one squeaky stair. If the boys ever did visit, there are many other gaping holes or primary systems that need attention before that one stair tread. And that stair comes in very handy at Christmas time.
A couple weeks ago, Denise returned the knife leaving me no more excuses to put off working on the windows; unless I get one of those glass display cases. Perhaps we could keep it on the mantle? The knife's return told me that the magazine had gone to the printers and would soon be on my doorstep.
So if you just happen to have a copy handy, on page 115 you'll find the infamous putty knife. No plans for a book deal or European tour, yet. Perhaps I should submit a photo of my screwdriver the dog used as a chew toy. It's not very ergonomic but it's got great grip!