I continue to be amazed at the popularity of my post about building a tree swing. Written two years ago, it's still receives the most hits. I noticed that someone read the article this morning from the middle of downtown Manhattan, NEW YORK! Are they going to put one up in Central Park?!?
I know the stat tracking software only recognizes the general location of the Internet server and not the actual end user, but still...perhaps a Spiderman wannabe? As I zoomed in the satellite map to see what lies between 34th and 35th street all I could recognize were taxis and buses running down 5th Avenue.
The closest tree appeared to be a block away on Madison Avenue. Two blocks to the east, there are several trees in the median of Park Avenue (one of the rich spaces in Monopoly) so maybe our humble swing was researched by Daddy Warbucks as a surprise for little orphan Annie!
I don't know who you are or why you're researching tree swings, I'm just glad you came to read my blog. So whoever you are in downtown New York, enjoy your new tree swing. Ours is still working great and hopefully you will get years of enjoyment from your swing too.