Under Cover

The two wrought iron lawn chairs needed new covers and so the Mrs had bought the stuff for it earlier in the summer. Well it's now the middle of October and we finally got the job done :)
It was a fairly simple reupholstering job. The seat bottom was a thick piece of press board that the old covers were stapled into. The new cushion is a piece of pre-cut foam that just needed the corners trimmed to match the rounded seat back. She also found an old orange, vinyl tablecloth (the kind with a thin layer of batting on the back) to use for the new cover.
I simply cut the tablecloth in half, wrapped it over the foam and stapled it to the bottom of the press board. It was sort of like wrapping a Christmas present, trying to get all the corners neat and even! In the end, the toughest part was getting the pattern on both seats to match. So now I'm not sure why it took us so long to get this project done.