Playing the Slots

I just started a fun, hobby-type project - building a slot race car track. We had an old Aurora track growing up, the kind that connected together with pins and clips. But recently I was able to pick up a brand new Tomy AFX Giant race set. That's 62.5 feet of track! But even though the newer track is easy to assemble, it still takes a lot of time to set up and tear down. So I decided to make a more permanent layout.
Big kudos to HO Slot Racing's website. It provided most of the direction and help I needed.
The first step was to figure out how big a layout I wanted. I spent several hours designing a layout that had features both challenging and fair for lanes. Of course my first designs were HUGE but evntually I pared it down to five feet long and three feet wide. A standard table is bigger but I wanted to be able to stow it in the van in case we should ever take it somewhere and I already had some plywood that size.
The next step was to start building the table...