Great Pair of Legs

Their long, slender and only took two hours to get a hold of - yep, the folding table legs for the racetrack. After checking online, the only store that stocks them is Home Depot. Now I'm more of a Lowe's person but didn't have much choice on this one.
I also decided to call ahead, just to see if they really had any on hand. The operator looked them up using the SKU# from their website and found that sixteen should be on the shelf. But she transferred me to the department so that a sales associate could double check. Finally convinced my trip wouldn't be wasted, I headed in to town.
After wandering the store for 45 minutes and still unable to locate the table legs, I finally swallowed my pride and went to the service desk.
There I met Ashley. She was young and naive but cheerfully willing to help. She directed me to power tools where another young man offered sawhorse legs. When that failed he pointed me in the direction of storage items. Of course I had been through that aisle six times already and although there were folding table legs, they were already attached to round plastic tables.
So once again I ventured back to the front of the store where Ashley tried a different course of action. She actually looked up the item in the computer. We then trekked back to window blinds where a man answered my inquiry with "You called about those earlier, right?" I finally found the Wizard of OZ and he gave me a new pair of legs.
So if you're ever in Home Depot on the west side of Indy, and you need a pair of folding table legs, you can find them right next to the crown molding. Don't know why I didn't look there first.