Vote For Opie

This afternoon we had some home cooked vittles at the Mayberry Cafe. Located right on Main Street in Danville, Indiana, the Mayberry Cafe is an all out tribute to Andy Taylor, Barney Fife and the whole gang. Memorabilia adorns the walls and a non-stop string of reruns play on the TV in the corner.
Beside the food, our main reason for stopping was to enter the boy in the Opie Look-alike Contest. If he wins, the prizes are a $100 savings bond and a free kids meal every week for a whole year!
It's always encouraging when you're walking past the clientele and they're already commenting that he really does look like Opie.
So if you find yourself near Danville, Indiana from May 1st to the 15th and would like a bite to eat, be sure to stop by the Mayberry Cafe (it's the one with the old police car parked out front) and vote for Opie #11.