Spend The Night In Jail

The old Boone County Jail is up for sale again. I'm thinking Bed and Breakfast. Wouldn't that be a hoot?
Meridian Real Estate is pleased to offer the HISTORIC BOONE COUNTY JAIL for sale, one of the original "live-work" properties in central Indiana. The sheriff and his family resided in the front part of the property with its soft and striking residential appearance. The clientele entered through a massive door on brass hinges. were booked in the center part of the property, and resided in the back two thirds of the property. Both residential space and corrections space utilized all three levels and were safely separated by a proprietary cell door entry system identical to the mechanical locks at Alcatraz. All of these features remain virtually unchanged since 1939.
There are rumors that a tunnel passes under the street connecting the jail to the courthouse for transporting criminals to trial. It's just a great building with lots of historical character and I'd hate to see it destroyed. More pictures and info here.