Moving Around

Nope ,we're not selling out. I just moved a few plants this afternoon. We scavenged two clumps of daffodils (white with golden centers) from the in-laws' woods. They were planted in the shade garden under the huge maple tree. I used the scatter method and buried them right where they landed.
The hostas and Virgin's Bower Clematis were divided, finding new and exciting homes. The hostas were simply spread out and the clematis start was added to the south fence. Oh, and another move was the baby's breath, which divided into three pieces, spreading along the south wall to dress up the roses.
I'm also happy to report that the knot garden is coming back to life. The strawberries survived the winter and some of the herbs are already thriving. It's also fun to watch the tulips pop up between the mums. Before you know it, I might just have color almost all year long!
It's a good thing all this gardening was done this afternoon because at tonight's indoor soccer match I pulled a hamstring. Nothing too bad but climbing stairs is rough. Now if only the hammock was up, I'd be set.