Lawn Spreader

With the promise of rain tonight, I finally finished a wacky project with the lawn. The idea is to amend the hard, clay soil with nutrients by spreading a half inch layer of compost right on top of the grass. The compost was made by ourselves, so the price was better than manufactured chemicals.
After filling the wheelbarrow at the compost bin and navigating the cars and fence row, I'd finally dump each load in the south lawn. Then using a garden rake, try working the black gold down around the grass so as not to smother it. It was pretty easy in all the bare spots.
I think it took about a dozen trips and didn't even cover all the lawn, just the really bad places. I'm hoping the rain will help leech the nutrients into the topsoil and encourage the grass to pop up through.
I really wanted to rent an aerator before spreading the compost but time was against me. And there may be problems getting one through the 30 inch gate. It may also take a couple years of this before we see a difference in the soil quality. But at these prices, I can wait.