I'm No Arborist

but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn. This winter I noticed a limb, pictured here, hanging precariously in the neighbor's tree. It broke off in a winter storm but got hung up on some branches directly over the city street, high enough that trucks didn't hit it, so no one seemed to mind it swaying gently in the breeze.
But you know how something little can just bother you until you can hardly stand it? The spot where it hung was directly at the end of our driveway. And since we pass under that limb at least twice a day, odds are it would fall on us. So I finally decided to do something about it.
No, I did NOT call the street department. That would have been the safe and easy thing to do. Instead I dug out some leftover rope, tied it to a stick of firewood and began throwing it up at the broken limb. It's amazing how much traffic comes down the street once you begin throwing objects. But persistence pays off, after 45 minutes I finally snagged the limb with a good hold.
A quick pull told me that this limb was not coming down easily, but I couldn't just leave the rope hanging in the middle of the street. So with some frantic heaving and grunting, the limb finally came crashing down. I cut up the branches and added the limb to the firewood pile but most importantly, no one was hurt in the process, and the streets are safe once again.