Another Hangup

The Mrs brought home a HUGE hanging plant she received for her birthday from one of her students and it's been sitting on the back porch. So I decided today that a hanging plant really needed to, well, hang.
So here's the process. First dig up an old screw on hanger and a piece of chain leftover from the dining room light installation (pictured here).
Then, by setting the plant on the floor where it needs to go, measure the approximate distance from the wall to where the hanger should be installed. Set up the ladder - wait, before we get started, let's talk about shop safety. Set the kids down and pop a video in to keep them occupied, then send the dog outside.
Now we're ready to get started. Climb the ladder and mark the location for the hanger. I prefer to pre-start the screw by tapping a smaller nail in and if you're really in a hurry try rubbing soap on the threads. But if someone is watching and you need to show off, just skip those steps and start cranking on the plant hanger.
Once the hanger is secured to the ceiling, attach the leftover chain, adjust to the desired height, and then hang the plant up. If you find that your head keeps bumping the plant, try raising it higher. And one last reminder, now that the plant is actually getting sunlight, you might need to water it more often.