Spring Garden Chart

The daffodils are up and the temps are down. Welcome to March Madness in Indiana where the only constant is the changing weather!
Found a nice gardening chart from Lowe's here. It gives the major US planting zones and what you should be doing in March, April and May. I was glad to learn that I could begin dividing summer and fall blooming perennials next week.
All the black-eyed susans, evening primrose, phlox, hostas and such are starting to sprout. There are some patchy holes that could be filled in with clumps that need thinned. I used to think they would all blend naturally but my impatience begs to help them out.
After pruning roses this week, I'm sore. Guess it's just working out the winter kinks in my shoulders. Every year I remember more about our plants, their habits, colors and particular needs and I'm already looking forward to watching the colors take shape this year.