Lawn Despair

The grass is definitely not greener on our side of the fence. So here is this summer's on going storyline: the South Lawn. As you can see from the pic there are large dead patches. I even have trouble keeping weeds alive! There are several factors at play and so hopefully by countering them each in turn, we'll end up with a decent lawn by summer's end.
Here's a list of the problems: GRUBS - the peril of having roses is the Japanese beetle grubs tearing up the lawn; CLAY - our soil is really just like Playdoh; TRAFFIC - with a dog and two kids there is no end to the tromping about; SHADE - a Redbud tree and the neighbor's two story house block much of the day's sunlight.
Over the summer I'll continue to post shots of the lawn from the same vantage point and hopefully we'll see some results.