In The Top Ten

I'm happy to report that the water is receding and there was no damage done. All just as Flood Awareness Week ended.
Floods kill nearly 100 people and are responsible for damages of about $5.3 billion dollars each year. No state or territory is immune from the dangers of flooding. Flood Safety Awareness Week, March 19-23, focuses on the dangers of flooding and highlights ways to protect life and property. Discover what you can do to reduce the loss of life and property.
That was the paragraph posted at the top of the National Weather Service's Advanced Hydrologic Prediction site. By following the Rivers tab you can locate river gauges near your home and track their status.
Since our house sits within a declared 100 year flood plain we are required to pay Federal flood insurance - nearly $600 annually. There hasn't been a flood in nearly 100 years so I guess we're about due. In fact, yesterday's 11.81 feet should be the tenth highest since records have been kept.