Gardenfest 2007

Look what the Mrs bought me at Gardenfest 2007. Yep, for a whopping fitty cent I got me a new gardening hat. Not only that, the Princess painted a clay pot and brought home pansies in it.
We didn't get to stay long this year but I still picked up some good fliers. One really cool leaflet was put together by Doug Akers, our Purdue Extension Co-op guy on which trees are best for Boone County. Very good info to know.
I also grabbed a pamphlet on INPAWS, the Indiana Native Plant and Wildlife Society. I especially like the part that mentioned several wonderful native plants are often referred to as "weeds", since this is where our marital quarrels often fall. If it blooms, grows without aid and resists drought, I say embrace it. She says it's a weed and wants it pulled. "Should I stay or should I go..."