And The Winner Is...

The guys at work are really into the whole fantasy sports, Vs card games and WoW. Last year when the boss won our departmental football league, he wanted a trophy. Now everybody has a little display by their desk to flaunt all their championships.
My contribution? Fantasy Iditarod. The "last great race" has come to the Midwest. Of course I needed to make an award befitting the honor so here's a picture of my latest creation. It's a cedar wood base (left over from the fence project) with a 45 degree bevelled cut for the label. Paint was a couple quick coats of spray on white. A purchased dog figure and a couple sticks hot glued together create the finishing touch. I really like it and wish I could have won it this year but right now I'm in second place.

If you're interested here are the rules for our friendly competition: Pick five mushers for your team. You must have one female, one rookie, and one non-Alaska musher. They may be the same person. Rank them 1-5 in order of projected finish. The difference between each mushers actual finish order compared to your projection is calculated and totaled. The person with the fewest points wins. Ties are broken by the team with the most total number of dogs that finish.