Will Work For Food

We spent this evening with the Rose Queen's aunt who graciously feed all of us pizza, but not before completing a couple minor household repairs. First, I reversed the direction of her ceiling fan so that the warm air would be pulled down from the vaulted ceiling to the first floor. Big difference.
Second, I fixed the downstairs toilet. It had a nasty habit of continually running. The problem was that the float kept catching the drain valve. A few minor adjustments and it worked flawlessly. And as an added bonus, I reduced the flow of water at the external shutoff valve thus also reducing the noise while the tank refills. It will take a bit longer to fill but the tank is much quieter and she is much happier.
Finally I fixed the toaster. Somehow it had stopped catching in the "on" position and so she was forced to stand there holding the bread down while the elements toasted it. After unplugging the toaster, I took it apart and cleaned the electromagnet contacts and amazingly it works again. I told her she could sleep in now that her mornings would be free from the toaster.