The Finish Line

I know it's about a week late, but I wanted to let everyone know how the AWANA Grand Prix finished up and share some pics.
We had a really good turnout. 100% of the lower elementary kids registered showed up and about 60% of the older kids made it.
There was a bit of a snafu with my "electronic scoring system". The excel spreadsheet I had built wasn't big enough for the full turnout so there were some frantic moments while I was rebuilding templates. But all together it was fun and we had some really good feedback about the new setup, specifically the four race minimum and the different placement of the track within the gym.
And now the results: the Princess' Flaming Hot Rod finished second and third in her heats but not well enough to advance to the finals and the Prince's Low Rider finished last in all his heats (due to a sticky wheel) but pulled out a First Place Trophy for Design.