I just got the March edition of This Old House Magazine and one of the articles lists ten "must-own" books for homeowners. So I thought it would be fun to share my own Top 10 list.

Renovating Old Houses1. Renovating Old Houses
by George Nash
This was the only one that TOH and I had in common. Great resource. Got mine from Half Price Books.

2. The Old Farmer's Almanac
The one thing I really look forward to getting in my Christmas stocking. Read it. Believe it. So much more than tides and planting tables.

3. Outside The Bungalow
by Paul Duchscherer and Douglas Keister
I don't own this one but it spends more time at our house than it does at the library. Great inspiration for the garden.

4. The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair
by Black & Decker
Basic Mr Fix-it stuff, in case you forgot.

5. The Complete Photo Guide To Outdoor Home Improvement
by Black & Decker
150 project ideas, and how to get them done. I've still got a few to go.

6. The Complete Photo Guide to Home Improvement
by Black & Decker
how to accomplish the dreams (if I could only fund them)

7. The Complete Book of Composting
by J.I. Rodale
This one may be out of print, got mine in the FREE bin at a local used book shop, but with 1007 pages there's a lot of info.

8. Roses (Time Life Complete Gardener)
by Time Life Books
constantly referring to this one, especially when pruning.

9. The Big Book of Flower Gardening
by Time Life Books
With all the sticky notes poking out, this one looks like it needs a haircut.

10. This Old House Magazine
Technically not a book but on the day it arrives, I just have to sit down and read through it at least once.