Shark Attack

Tool Review - Shark 2-in-1 Stick Vac
Ever the thoughtful husband, I used the store credit from a sweater return to purchase this very practical gift for my Queen of Roses. I'm sure she thanks me and just loves me all the deeper for it.
We already have a regular upright vacuum complete with attachments. It's great for the rugs and upholstery but we really needed something without a beater bar for the hardwood floors. Unless the dust mop is run every day (any suggestions on how to get the kids to do that?) the dust bunnies tend to overrun the place, especially the stairs. So a lightweight stick vac is just the thing.
It worked well right out of the box with minimal assembly required. Doubling as a handheld vacuum, it easily converted for the stray crumbs found higher than the floor. Some people may consider the stick handle too short but it felt fine for my 5'4" frame, just move your feet to expand it's reach. But to get the full 5 amps of power it uses an electric cord which could have been a bit longer. I did have to switch outlets when moving from room to room. Our previous stick vacuum of another brand gave out when the motor became clogged with too much dust, a failure of the filter to seat properly, but this one has a larger filter device which should perform better.
Overall it appears to be a sound purchase and I'm sure it will get plenty of use.