I'm It

So I've just been tagged by One Woman and now must reveal five things about myself before tagging five other blogs. Hmmm. OK, here goes...

1. I've traveled to the following countries: Canada, Ecuador, England, Mexico, Netherlands, Ukraine, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Some were just sightseeing layovers and others were extended stays for several weeks. I've travelled by boat, train, and plane. Having enjoyed a variety of foods and cultures, I would love to travel abroad again.

2. I perform with the drama ministry at our church and have been in several productions, both in school and community theater. One highlight was earning an Encore Award for Best Major Supporting Actor in a Drama.

3. I've studied Spanish, Greek and Russian but am NOT fluent in any of them.

4. My first exposure to the Internet was probably around 1979 when a family friend showed us how his computer could "call" another computer in Washington DC and perform computations at his request. The phone sat in a cradle and the monitor was just amber with no real graphics. The first computer I had was a TRS-80 with a membrane keyboard and (unreliable) cassette tape drive, so I taught myself DOS and BASIC on the school's IBM. Just a few years later I'd be writing programs with a buddy on his Commodore 64, increasing baud rates past the limits of the phone cable and posting on bulletin board services (BBS). Lately I've toned down the hacker skills because it doesn't bode well with the IT department and I prefer to keep my job.

5. In college, some buddies and I produced a single with very limited production. Actually, our RA needed to produce a tape for his broadcasting class. We spent hours in the studio on a Saturday, laying down several tracks for an original song my roommate wrote. I played the uninspiring bass line and tamborine. Later when my roomie got a four-track, I was relegated to mixing. I still have a guitar and trumpet but find little time to play them, something I'd like to change.

Well, there you have it; five things about me you probably didn't know. Hopefully we're all the better for it.
"Confession is good for the soul."

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Ha, ha! Tag you're it!!