Drowning My Sorrows

but my sorrows, they learned to swim...

This morning when I went to the basement to let the dog out of her crate, I discovered that it required wading through a couple inches of water to reach her. Later when I checked the NWS graph, Prairie Creek had indeed risen to 11.34 feet, just into the moderate flood stage.
When the creek hits nine feet (flood stage) water begins seeping into the northwest corner of the basement but when it rises to the moderate stage at eleven feet, water begins seeping through the hidden cracks all over the basement. I figure that's when the water table is about two feet higher than the basement floor.
Of course I had the sump pump unplugged (and with good reason)! The pump is several years old, rusty and I would prefer to replace it when installing a new drain system. Until then I'm happy to nurse it along.
The water would back fill into the sump pit when the pump shut off causing the pump to continually run: off, on, off, on, off, etc. So to keep the pump from burning up, I kept it unplugged.
I'm sure someone is saying, "Why not just replace the check valve?" Well that's what I finally did today.
I walked up to the local TSC and $14 dollars later owned the only replacement check valve they had. A couple minutes later the valve was installed and the pump is still plugged in:)
It was interesting that when I pulled the old valve off, there was no valve to be seen anywhere. I'm not sure if it got flushed away or just rotted to nothing but to give you an idea of how old it might have been, the screws on the old one were slotted while the new had Philips.