Santa's Work

As promised, here are a couple pictures of the toys Santa made this year. It's been a busy season and so there was more creativity needed than actual labor. This first item is called a Marble Run or Roller Coaster.
Basically it's a plastic storage box filled with "T" and elbow fittings and various lengths of 1" PVC pipe. It's been interesting to watch the kids come up with outlandish designs that defy all laws of physics and then modify their designs until the marbles complete their descent.
The second picture is of the through mortise joint used on a pair of stilts. A couple bolts would have been easy enough, but I wanted to try without any hardware and so glue and a couple dowel pins are all that hold it together. So far it's held up to them.
The last couple items were not as involved. For the Mrs. I cleaned up three old wooden shutters she had found at a garage sale this past summer and hinged them together to create a screen. A strip if window felt along the bottom assures it won't scratch the hardwood floors.
And then the youngest is at a stage where she wants to display all her schoolwork on the walls of her room and the plaster has begun to suffer. So she received a 3'x2' cork bulletin board which I painted the frame pink to match her room.