Electrical Nightmare

Yep, put the lights on the tree today. I can think of a lot more attractive things I'd rather have been doing. Ended up throwing out five strands of busted lights but amazingly did come up with enough to fill the tree.
We put the tree in a different location this year, on the short span of wall between the stairs and french doors to the dining room. This meant rearranging the entire room but so far it seems to work.
Here's a close-up of the window decorating Amy put up. It's just a flimsy garland accented with pinecones and berries. Not overbearing, but festive. She's been decorating a lot with pinecones this year, so much that she commented that it almost felt like outdoors. I told her we were just going for the California Arts & Crafts look like the National Parks lodges.
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