That TIme Of Year

Yep, I washed windows yesterday. I figure if people are going to be looking at our Christmas decorations, it would be nice if there wasn't a thick layer of dirt in their way.
We also cleaned out the garage, no small task, but now the van will just barely fit inside. That should make it easier to take off in the mornings without having to scrape windows or unstick a frozen door. Of course I always hope the garage will stay clean but it usually only lasts until the Spring yard sale season.
The only other big project begun this weekend is a new arrangement for the living room. Adding a tree to the mix of furniture is always a fun exercise in creativity. Where the large front room had previously been divided by the couch, we opened it all up and made the tree the centerpiece. The room really feels HUGE but hopefully once all the stuff is put back in it will cozy up.