We're Cookin' Now

I finally finished a project! Remember the antique oven bake element that broke back in May? It's finally replaced. The hardest part was locating a replacement coil element - Antique Appliances has them and sent one right away.
But today, after two trips to the local hardware store (they're not open evenings, Sundays or Saturday afternoons!) I found some replacement hardware that would work. The original bolts could have gotten by but they were very rusty and I'd stripped the Phillips head on one. Maybe we'll do a better job of keeping the oven clean.
A tricky part was stretching the new coil to the same length as the old one. This required two people and some careful tugging. By looking at the difference in the coil density after they were equal length I've decided that the old coil must have broken before. The previous solution was to simply stretch the remaining section to fit.
So now with a more dense heating element and more even distribution, hopefully the oven will heat up faster and evenly. Now that the "summer without an oven" has come to an end, I think we might enjoy warm brownies this afternoon.