Good New/Bad News: Stain Color

While stripping the kitchen window exterior I went ahead and attacked the interior side too. I'm pretty sure it's mostly gunk and varnish rather than a top quality stain job. So now I need to match the interior stain color or decide on a new color.
At the same time, we're exploring colors for stain on the front door. While all the rest of the exterior windows and doors are painted, the front door is varnished. The thought was to mimic the paint colors, only with stain. So I had picked up a small can of Red Oak stain and tried various combinations of it with a little leftover Walnut stain on a scrap piece of wood.
At some point though you just have to dive in. So I went for it and applied two coats of Linseed oil to the window sash, then followed with two coats of Red Oak. While it looked nice, there was just too much red compared to the rest of the interior trim and in an attempt to darken it up I added a couple coats of Walnut.
Bad News: still too much red. Good News: it will be perfect for the front screen door. Now I have a plan for the front door but will need to re-strip the window sash and re-stain it in plain Walnut. Guess it's just a learning curve.