Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is Severely Injured By Fall Down Stairway

Mrs. Elizabeth Pugh Injured in Accident at Home of Daughter, Mrs. Frank Hutchinson
Mrs. Elizabeth Pugh was severely injured this morning by a fall down the stairway at the home of her daughter, Mrs Frank Hutchinson on North Lebanon street. Mrs Pugh suffered a fracture of the left arm below the elbow and was also injured about the left hip. Dr. Herma A Beck attended her.
Mrs. Pugh is 75 years of age and her injuries because of her age may prove serious.
Editor's Note: This article appeared in the Lebanon Daily Reporter on Tuesday, February 10, 1920. Mrs Pugh had come to visit Jennie her daughter, and Frank her son-in-law, the original builders of our house. She died shortly after this incident. This is another reason why I tell the kids not to run on the stairs.