Minty Shave, No Deadheads

This evening the youngest helped me give the mint a little trim off the top. With all the recent rain and it's unruly demeanor, the mint had begun to lay over on top of the sidewalk and street. (The photo is from a couple weeks ago.) So a two foot wide patch had spread to cover about six feet. I chopped most of it back to about a foot tall. It should still sprout branches and continue to grow.
In other garden news, the roses are starting to recover from the beetle onslaught. As a general rule, I stop dead-heading them from August on. There are several that have the nicest hips (can't use that phrase in public too often). All the Black-eyed Susans are blooming too. The garden really starts to mature about now, but it definitely has a different look from when the first spring plants pop out.
And finally, the one tomato plant that survived has several huge tomatoes, but they continue to remain green. Alas, it must have been planted too late. We'll have a few fresh tomatoes for a late summer salad but that will be all. I'll just need to commit to the veggies earlier next year.