Prize Winning Jelly

It's county fair week with the state fair coming in a couple weeks and my research has turned up several instances where the PO had entered prize winning jellies! It seems that the rampant peppermint was the foundation for Florence's mint jelly. She also won with peach butter and rhubarb marmalade. When we acquired the house I found a few jars of the mint jelly in the basement. It tastes pretty good. (Now if I could only convince the family to eat lamb.) I usually try to enter flowers or vegetables but between my schedule and the lack of quality harvest this week I think we'll just skip it this year.
I wish we had some of Florence's recipes. I've checked the library's copies of the ladies cookbooks from her church but she only submitted her poetry. There is one recipe online here. It's kind of neat to think that someone else created prize winning preserves right here in our very own kitchen. She's also listed in the Sure-Jell Hall of Fame.