It's The Little Things

A quick update while I wait on the coffee pot. Some projects just never seem to get finished - like the side door. It's been over a week and I still haven't got that second coat of paint put on yet. (hopefully this morning!)
I did fix a couple little things last night. Well, one broke again but is still repairable. The cereal drawer in the kitchen had been pulled so far that the wooden runners fell out. It's easily fixed but you do need to know which direction they go so that the little latch will catch the drawer.
The second item was a window shade. We have new roller shades but they hang in the original brackets. I believe they are brass (not shiny modern aluminum) because they've turned a dark brown color. This one shade's brackets have either been bent open or the new shade is too small. So when you go to pull the shade, the little catch busts free and spins all the tension out of the roller.
I thought it was fixed by trying to bend the bracket but it sprang loose again. So I'll try wedging something against the catch and see if that will hold it. If not, there is always replacing the bracket with a modern one (yuck!).