Saturday, July 29, 2006

Day At The Miller's

Yesterday the kids and I toured a whole town of old houses down at Spring Mill State Park. I'm always intrigued with the relationship between culture, technology and a building's constuction or demise. In 1863 Spring Mill was the hub of commerce but after the railroad bypassed the town it quickly fell into decay. Now it's just a historic museum. I wonder what future changes in transportation might shift our town's prominence?
It had been several years since I had been to Spring Mill. They have a great lodge where you can have dinner or reserve a room for the night and in the spirit of our national parks the lobby was decorated in the "California Craftsman" style. Most of the furniture was typical reproduction Stickley so it was good to see how that style (straight backs, large leather cushions) would feel after a long day of hiking.
Over all a good day filled with spelunking, hiking, and a picnic lunch almost raided by three young racoons and their mom. We also saw a three foot long black snake in a tree on our last trail.
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